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"At night, all the cats are black.
But only the brave ones
stay black in the day light! "

Smouckie, The Mighty Serrenissimo of The Black Cats Brotherhood



Wellcome to
& his friends


Looks like
our website has been hijacked by a
secret organisation.


Their demand? To become characters in the book. So they are. What the hell are they still doing here?!

Album SuperCostel si Confreria Pisicilor Negre
  At the International Comics Convetion in Bucarest (28 oct - 21 nov 2010),
The Black Cats Brotherhood has been awarded with "2010 Sandu Florea Trophy", category: "The Best Comics Book".




  NEW!!! By clicking on the that big black fat cat above, you can acces a Secret Page, that has classified informations about the Brotherhood!
Beware: you'll need a username and a password - you'll figure out if you have read the book. Good Luck!
(Sugestion: For username, use the name of the youngest character in the book)
  EVEN NEWER!!! Become a member of The Black Cats Brotherhood by getting your own copy of the book from amazon.com!

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