The new comics book:
SuperCostel and the Black Cats Brotherhood

SuperCostel and the Black Cats Brotherhood is the second volume of the SuperCostel series, and it has been realesed in may 2010. It has 40 black&white pages, A4 format, with full-color covers.
In this episode, Costel and his friends (Arnold si Serioja) are dealing with a black cats secret organisation

"One of the most fascinating stories about cats, wrote by a man who has spend a few decades studying their behaviour." - Fake Magazine

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Where you can find this book:
- Bucuresti, Carturesti, Libraria Jumatatea Plina (str. Praporgescu)
Iasi, Carturesti, Libraria AvantGarde (str. Lapusneanu)
(only the romanian version is available at this moment)

Here are a few pages from the book:




The press about "The B.C. Brothehood":

Suplimentul de cultura: "How many cats will fit in a comic book?" (Dragos Cojocaru)
"A constant reader of Jup's productions will immediately notice that "The Black cats Brotherhood" is different from what he produced so far. A renewal of his storytelling technique, especially in the scenario. It was not premeditated author says, but natural. "I felt I could write more than the previous album, a baroque story... A lot of adventures in the album are personal experiences. As the brilliant replica in the famous romanian movie "Operation Monster": "Life, man, life, not things sucked from the finger!»“

Cititor SF(Kyo):
""Yes, the difference between the two volumes is huge. (...) I was so impressed with the attention to detail and the insert of some funny elements, where only a keen eye may notice, and actual drawing technique that goes far beyond the stage of caricature. ""

Ziarul de Iasi (Mati Botezatu):
"(..) Approach chosen is of a quiet narrative style, flowing, full of charm and candor. The writer shows a craft that not only overshadows his previous creation, but almost everything that was written for comic books published so far by romanian authors. It has a stock detective story, which, very true, makes it exciting, but that proves to be the end, a false track and a pretext for pointing to areas of interest more substantial. The action is driven gradually perfectly controlled and well dressed in a charming and fresh language. "Langue chat" proves far from the wooden language ... ""


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